International VELUX Award . adaptive double skin facade

KONZEPT I IDEE In most cities nowadays you can still find the high rise office buildings of that were so popular in the past; although these buildings still meet space-saving demands, they have grown old and are no longer energy-efficient. But until they reach the end of their natural structural lifetime, drawbacks like excessive heat build-up in summer and the high cost of heating during winter or just bad natural daylight penetration do not economically justify the construction of a new building. The conceptual idea is to create a system, which counteracts the deficiencies of high rise buildings and tries not only to reduce but even to eliminate them in the long term. The system design must be autonomous and exist independent of each individual building in order to create a model which can be adapted to any other high-rise building. This is made possible with the concept of a double-skin facade, which covers the building like a second skin.